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Biscuits and Cookies


We make a wide range of biscuits and cookies - if there is something specific you would like let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Plain and decorated biscuits are available from shortbread, gingerbread, oaties and a variety of flavoured cookies and biscuits.


There is a minimum order of 6 cookies or biscuits. Biscuits come in all shapes and sizes depending on individual requests.


Whoopie Pies


Whoopie pies are two soft spongey cookies sandwiched together with a delicious cream filling.


A minimum order of whoopie pies is 6.


Cake Pops


Cake pops are a golf-ball sized, shaped sponge cake mounted on sticks, finished with a chocolate coating and decorated. The decoration of the cake pops can be anything. All our cake pops are freshly baked to order and designed the day before collection to maintain freshness.


Cake pops can be ordered individually or in gift boxes.